Introducing: The Pin Up Girls + NEUMA

Over the course of our careers we've gotten our hands on many different product lines. I can say for certain that I've not liked many of them. However, when you're working for someone else- you don't have a say. It was never easy using the products we didn't like nor was it easy to watch people spend their hard earned money on these products.

If you know Megan or I, you'll know that part of our charm is brutal honesty so lying about how much we adore products that we actually dislike is just not going to happen. We took choosing our product line as serious as choosing the names for our children. When we sat down in our business meeting with babies on our laps and a bag of pretzels, we listed all the "wants and needs" for the product line we would settle on. These are a few of our needs.

Affordability- We are the sellers but we are also consumers of the products we sell. We know what it's like to want the best quality but not always have the money for the best. It's important to feel like you've spent your money in the right way as well as getting your money's worth.

Quality Styling Products- It is non-negotiable to have products that do what we need them to do or what they say they will do.

A brand with beliefs- When you use a product line you are endorsing and supporting a company. It was important to find a company with great values, branding and mark in the industry.

We browsed the websites of many brands and narrowed in on two options; one of which we had never heard of but felt very intrigued by and once we met with our product rep- he had us sold on it in seconds.

NEUMA. Not only did it check off everything on our wish list- but it had even more to offer and we are SO excited to tell you about it!

At first glance, the products come in great sizes (as opposed to $40 bottles of shampoos that offer you a months worth of washes). The bottles are super cute and just the right amount of colorful. They say exactly what they do on the bottle. Straight to the point! The scents of each product were beautiful. Some offering more minty scents while others smell like candy. The best part of the scents- they're from certified organic extracts. None of the products have harsh fragrance. *Keep in mind that most company's hide bad chemicals under the category of fragrance on their ingredient list.* Both Megan and I have different taste in scents however we agree'd that they smelt great.

I know how products look, feel and smell will most likely determine if you'll buy it or not but in diving deeper into the products you learn things you didn't know you wanted or needed. NEUMA products are vegan and gluten free products with no animal testing whatsoever. Caught your attention? NEUMA products are made of renewable, plant based and colour safe ingredients (all of which are listed on the bottles). The bottles are made of recycled material and are of course recyclable. They have ZERO synthetic fragrance, sulfates, parabens, 1,4-dioxane, phthalates, neurotoxins, aluminum compounds, glycols, formaldehyde donors, ureas, carcinogens or environmental pollutants. What would stop anyone from not jumping on board with a product with this much to offer? This, my friends, is why we were sold on NEUMA.

Our rep sent us a box of products to try out and we are so happy with how they work.

As two women with families, Megan and I are very much into safe household options. NEUMA fits into our life and we know it'll fit into yours! Now go ahead and contact us to book an appointment and let us show you how we can talk the talk and NEUMA can walk the walk!

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