Hair Comes The Bride: Picking Your Wedding Hairstyle

For some, you dream of your wedding day. You picture yourself walking down the isle in a stunning white dress (the one that you saw on the cover of a bride magazine at the grocery store when you were 6 years old). You have planned out that entire day so well that the minute that engagement ring touches your finger- you know exactly what to do. For others, like myself, you fall in love and get proposed to and naturally it is time to plan a wedding. But.. You have no clue where to start and the time from engagement to wedding day is all one giant cluster of confusion and choices.

Whether you are the type of Bride-To-Be that knows exactly what she wants or the type who cant even decide what to have for dinner tonight- I bet you have no clue what hairstyle would actually work best for you on your wedding day. There are so many things that go into making this decision. Yes, I'm sure you have styles that catch your attention but this decision is best to be made after taking everything into consideration.

Your hairstylist should be an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to styling you. Therefore, let them help you in finding the right style to compliment you and make you look and feel like the most glamorous version of yourself. You could save yourself the time of reading further and just simply hit the apply button and hire us, The Pin Up Girls, for your hair styling wedding day needs.. or you could keep reading. The following are things to consider.

Up or Down?

Everyone feels differently when it comes to this question. Some women need to feel their hair on their shoulders to feel beautiful. This is understandable as I too find myself feeling like a supermodel with a fresh voluminous blowout. However we have to be practical in planning our wedding hair.

If you ask me this question during your wedding trial you will most likely get this answer- UP, always UP! I am a firm believer in bridal upstyling. My reasoning? First of all, how often do you get to rock and updo? Now I know you might have been traumatized from that prom updo you had in the 90's and you swore off ever putting your hair up again, but hear me out. Not only does a good updo make you feel as powerful as Olivia Pope on Scandal but its 100% the most practical choice. Lets take into consideration Mother Nature. She has the tendency to surprise us with our wedding day weather; scorching heat, wind, unnecessary moisture and (dare I say it) RAIN. A beautiful updo is the best protection from the elements. This will help us avoid the frizzy, curl dropping "it doesn't even look like I did my hair today" devastation. It will also help keep those face framing strands from flying into our mouth and eyes while the photographer is working their magic (I know most women can relate to this). An updo, when done right, can keep your hair looking perfect throughout the whole day. That's one less thing to worry about! You can get all sweaty dancing with your groom and guests and have one too many glasses of wine because your hair isn't going anywhere! Did I convince you?

Hair to suit the dress.

You picked out a beautiful high neck line lace gown with stunning crystal detailing. Do you cover it up by wearing your hair down? Heck no! You have a plunging "v" neckline that really exposes "the girls" and you're giving off the ultimate sexy vibes. Perhaps you want your hair down to show less skin.

Your decision should be based off the entire style of your dress. What vibe do you want to portray. I will always ask my brides to describe themselves in three words- "What are three words to describe the type of bride you want to be?" This will narrow down the options.

The biggest factor will be the neckline of the dress and the jewelry choices for the big day. Detailed neck, hair up. Strapless heart-shaped neckline, down (I'd still say up, up, up!)

Your hair-styling expert should be able to show you all of your options but if you want to take matters into your own hands, head over to google and type in the style of dress you'll be wearing. Click on images and browse. See how the designers style their models in their dresses. This may inspire you.

Face Shape.

You may want your hair backcombed all the way to heaven but does it actually look good on you? You are self conscious of that pesky double chin that is impossible to get rid of but you choose a slick back bun? Not a good plan.

Take time to educate yourself on your face shape and what flatters it most (or for the love of everything, just hire us already!). There is plenty of research online however, girl, your hairstylist should be able to give you all the info! IF your hairstylist cant help with this- find a new hairstylist (pick us!) and thank me later.

To veil or not to veil?

There are so many hair accessories to choose from these days. Crystal pieces, headbands, tiara's, fresh flowers and the accessory to surely make you feel like a bride- the veil. There are always options to add these items on after you decide your hairstyle but always mention to your stylist ahead of time if you want to wear or already have a veil or head piece. Some hairstylist (like The Pin Up Girls) carry with them a few pieces to show you how your style would look with them on. Always bring your veil to your hair trial so that your know how the whole vision comes together.

Those four things should really help you make your hair choices but I cannot stress enough how much you should be able to rely on your hairstylist to help you make a confident decision for your wedding hair. Your stylist should help you narrow in on the best looks for you and politely steer you away from looks that wont flatter you or the dress you spent lots of money on.

Good luck Brides.

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